Team Leads

 There are hundreds of volunteers but here are a couple of familiar faces that you will notice at many of the meetings and setup days.

Darla Rickert

Darla is the Chairperson of Shining Light. She is one of the founders of the event. Since 2007, she and her church, Freedom Avenue Methodist Church have been hosting and organizing the event.

During setup, you will find her organizing volunteer into teams/projects to work on.


Waldo and Darlene Gray

Waldo and his wife Darlene are the parents of Darla and have been involved from the beginning. Waldo has been been instrumental in designing and implementing many of the displays, layouts used at the park.

During setup you will often find Waldo handing out tasks and knowledge on all things to do with Shining Light while Darlene is organizing and helping keep things running.

John Baumgarnder

John, a volunteer for many years is currently a co-chair for the event. When he is not setting up his musical forest and programming lights, you will often find him leading teams to setup areas around the park.

John Reichert

John has been helping organize, design elements for displays and layout for many years. During the off-season, he and Waldo spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas, ways to improve things and working on the displays.

During setup you will often see John out with his truck, hauling things and leading teams to setup displays.

Colby Guyer

Colby has been involved in promoting the event since the start. Over the years he grew to take over most of the digital marketing and online tasks for the group.

Now days you will find him managing the Train Room and during setup doing things like the Inflatable Field, documenting things and taking lots of pictures.

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Kevin Page & April Foltz

Kevin & April have been long time volunteers with the event. Helping with displays, train room and various other tasks.

During setup you will often find them leading a team to setup displays and helping the team get our tasks complete.