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About Shining Light

Shining Light Through the Darkness is a non-profit, mission outreach, all volunteer organization with the goal of spreading the Light of Jesus Christ and the meaning of the Christmas season through various displays of lights and other decorations (both, sacred and secular).

The event began in 2007 with lights around the walking path at Kish Park for three weeks. The 2007 Season had approximately 150 volunteers and roughly 1,500 attendees.

The first season hosted a hot chocolate and baked goods table in the “Old Concession” building and a few nights of entertainers in the “Scooter Car” building. Each year, the event has grown to include a heated “Sweet Shop” serving hot chocolate, hot dogs, chips and baked goods; heated Train & Mini-Village room; nightly entertainment; and several evenings with horse drawn carriage rides.

This past season’s event brought over 15,000 attendees, nightly entertainment, train and village room, sweet shop and nine evenings of horse drawn carriage rides.

Planning and repairs take place throughout the year. Planning and preparation takes over 500 volunteer hours yearly. Setup of lights and displays takes over 1,000 volunteer hours each season.

In addition to being an all-volunteer event, it is also funded 100% through donations. There are operating costs such as renting the park, storage of lights and displays, food costs, upgrades and updates of lights and displays and more.

The Shining Light Through the Darkness Committee works to find organizations, businesses and even individuals to sponsor displays and portions of the event to help limit costs. There is no charge to attendees for walking the paths at the park to enjoy the lights; nor to enjoy watching the entertainment; nor to observe the trains and mini-village; nor to enjoy any of the food offerings.

Your generosity to Sponsor a display helps to improve the experience attendees have come to love and make a family tradition. Thank you for considering a contribution to the event.

Darla Rickert, Chairperson
511 East Freedom Ave
Burnham, PA 17009